Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As a mom and an educator, I believe September begins the ultimate "most wonderful time of the year"!

I love the idea of a clean slate for teacher and student alike. I enter each year energized after a summer break. I also come back with many ideas I've learned from my Personal Learning Network (PLN) over the summer.
 So, as I begin school with the students this week, I am reminded of my own goals.

1. Focus on relationships. I need to spend time with teachers and students hearing what is working well and what needs to be improved. Some specific ways I propose to do this include eating lunch in the cafeteria with students on Mondays, eating lunch in the teacher's lounge on Tuesdays, and being in the hallways and classrooms as much as possible.

2. Concentrate on communication. I began a weekly blog for our teachers to relay upcoming events on the calendar, reminders, and tips. It is very basic but I trust that will encourage everyone to hang in there with me and read it weekly. I will update it and e-mail a link each Sunday night/Monday morning. This constant communication is important and I love the ability to expose the teachers to blogging and various other tips which are bound to come from my PLN.

3. Balance. I often struggle with balance. I try to be 100% mom, 100% wife, 100% teacher, and 100% vice principal. That adds up to a disaster and most times results in a downturn in my health. I can place great effort towards each of my roles, but I cannot do everything. There needs to be a balance that also includes caring for myself and my health. I plan to continue with visiting the gym three times per week, eating healthy, finding time to relax, and focusing on having fun. When I am healthy and happy, I will succeed much more in all areas of responsibility.

When I look at these goals, I am struck that none of these are necessarily "educational goals". But when you consider my motto of "Students First, Teachers Second", these make sense. I need to develop relationships with these special people, communicate often, and keep myself healthy and balanced so I can meet their needs.

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