Sunday, June 17, 2012

Well, it must be summer again since I have a few moments to post. This school year has been filled with experiences to teach me more about myself and education in general.

1. Success is reached when we focus on the students. The times of failure I've seen this year, either with teachers or administration, is when we take our eyes off the needs of the student and focused on the "needs" of others. The challenge I walk away with is to keep my focus clear for 2012-2013.

2. I was once again reminded to not be afraid to love the student body. There is always a balance, but these students need love. Often it doesn't exist at home so we, as educators, must fill the gap. The difficulty comes in walking the tightrope between loving them and still keeping proper boundaries. I find this most difficult in a Christian school environment.

3. The amount of resources online is endless. I need to be ever-vigilant to be a life-long learner. Technology is not the authority on education, but there are certainly wonderful tools that can assist the teacher in the classroom and the administrator in his/her daily duties.

4. Everyone has an idea worth hearing. Regardless of the person's role in the school, he/she might have a wonderful idea that could change the way things are done. They need to be valued enough to be heard.

5. I still have a lot to learn. The second I think I know it all, I am humbled by my ignorance. It is vital to keep my humility far in front of my pride.

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