Monday, February 20, 2012


Last night, I finally began using Evernote on my PC, laptop, and Android. This program allows you to create lists, notes, voice recordings, scanned handwritten notes, etc into one location where you can access it anywhere via the internet. Another nice feature is the search ability factor. You type in what you are looking for and it will find all occurrences throughout your documents.

So, how would one use Evernote? I have begun a work folder, home folder, and medical folder. This allows me to separate my notes into a system similar to a file cabinet. As I walk through the halls at school and encounter a teacher with a question, I can jot myself a note or use the voice recorder to remind myself to follow up. I can make a grocery list for home or keep track of how much chore money I owe my daughter. With my new medical issues, keeping a journal of symptoms will come in handy at every doctor's appointment. Rather than carrying a notebook everywhere I go, I can easily log into Evernote on my phone or computer and list my symptoms each day. 

No matter how you chose to use it, Evernote appears to be a one-stop shop for organization. I'll update everyone in a few weeks of how it is working for me. Until then, check it out for yourself.

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