Sunday, February 19, 2012

Approximately 5 years ago....

Once upon a time... approximately 5 years ago, it all began. The administration at Calvary Christian Academy approached me about joining the administrative team. I was teaching English at the time and I must admit my initial reaction was laughter. I thought "how many administrators do they need?"

5 years later, I am so glad I left the classroom and joined the team. I have been a Vice Principal since August 2006 and have learned a ton in that time period. Much has changed in the past five years. I now have two children (ages 6 and 3), a Master's Degree in Educational Administration, and very different views of education and administration.

Looking back, here are five specific lessons learned:

1. Never underestimate the power of prayer - even in the realm of education. I am privileged to work in a Christian school where prayer is not only allowed, but expected. I have lost count of the amount of meetings with students, parents, or teachers that I expected to be horrendous and after prayer, I get to sit back and watch God work in me and through me.

2. Teachers can never understand the life of administrators. This is why I laughed when asked to join the team initially. From my perspective, all the administrators did was break for lunch in an office at the same time everyday. However, administrators cannot forget what the life of a teacher involves. In all my dealings with teachers, I need to constantly remind myself of what life was like and what I valued as a teacher. It makes all the difference.

3. I don't know it all. Sitting in a position of "power" makes it easy to become prideful. Each day I am reminded that there are others with wonderful ideas - teachers and students alike. I must be open to the thoughts of others both within my school and beyond.

4. Times are changing and education must change too. The biggest downfall of educators is to get stuck in a rut. I've seen plenty of teachers come and go that are unwilling to change the way they attempt to reach the student. While the curriculum and content of education stays the same or increases, the methods of motivation and ways in which we reach our students need to expand with the times. This includes technology and other means as well.

5. Education is all about the students. If you talk with students in my school, I would hope they admit that my door is open to them. I am typically in the hallways during the passing time between periods. I visit the cafeteria, wander into classrooms, and engage students in conversations daily. If it weren't for the children, there would be no purpose. I hope to never lose sight of that truth.

As I continue in my role of Vice Principal, I desire to continue on my quest to become the best educational administrator I can be. This blog is my way to contemplate personal lessons, question educational theory, connect with other educators, and write down my thoughts. Students are not the only ones who need to learn.

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