Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's August - Hold Onto Your Hats!!!

I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma. ~Eartha Kitt
Despite it still being "summer vacation", August 1st brings the busyness for me. There are so many wonderful opportunities this month for my own personal and professional growth. My Google Calendar is full (often double-booked) but I am excited about each opportunity to learn and implement this new knowledge into my life.

1. Author Laurie Halse Anderson has her 5th annual "Write 15 Minutes A Day Challenge!" As an English teacher, this thought invigorates me. I do not take enough time and effort in my busy schedule to write - either for professional or personal purposes. This challenge will encourage me to write and hopefully will give me the writing energy needed to keep going into the school year. Check out her blog for more details.

2. It is CONNECTED EDUCATORS MONTH!!! "The U.S. Department of Education’s Connected Educators initiative is launching Connected Educator Month in August 2012. Throughout August, there will be coordinated opportunities to participate in events and activities in dozens of online locations to develop skills and enhance one’s personal learning network." Included are a number of webinars, renowned keynote speakers and panelists, book clubs, and other opportunities for teachers to connect. I will be attending a number of their offerings and tweeting about them using hashtag #ce12. Check it out at

3. On August 3, I will attend a webinar from the Powerful Learning Practice on Project Based Learning. I am toying with implementing some project based learning into my AP English Literature class, but want to learn more. I am very excited about this webinar. Check it out at

4. I am considering using Edmodo in my classroom and want to learn about this resource more. So, I will attend Edmodocon on August 8. During this day teachers will share and inspire by telling how they have successfully used Edmodo in the classroom. Again this is a free day of learning. Learn more at

5. For the third year, I will be attending WillowCreek's Global Leadership Summit on August 9-10. I attend at my church, Bethel - the Church at Franklin Mills ( This summit brings together various leaders from both the Christian and secular communities. This year's featured faculty includes Condeleezza Rice, Jim Collins, Geoffrey Canada, John Ortberg, and Patrick Lencioni. More information available at I will also be tweeting about my learning there and you can follow the summit by following @wcagls.

6. I will be attending various free webinars through SimpleK12. Some of the topics I will be learning about include: How Admins can Model, Motivate, and Manage with Mobile Devices; Google Apps for Streamlining Tasks: An Administrator's Guide; Innovative Professional Development. These webinars are short and provide wonderful resources for me to implement and/or share. Check out their resources at Follow them on twitter at #sk12.

So, as you see, my August is filled with personal and professional development opportunities. I am beyond excited!!! I challenge you to check into these or other learning opportunities to further develop your own personal and professional lives.

Happy Learning!!!


  1. Wow, seems like you have had a busy summer! I happened upon your blog through after #ntchat. I am a young leader in my school and just started my Ed Admin Masters. Have any advice for me?

  2. Larissa - Congrats on starting your Masters! The biggest piece of advice I can offer is CONNECT!!! Get in the hallways, cafeteria, teacher lounge and engage in conversations with students, staff, and teachers. Connect online via your own PLN. Truly being a life-long learner and remaining connected will assist you in gaining all the respect and relationships you need in the job.